Mailboxes America

Looking for factory direct mailboxes? Look no further. or Salsbury Industries, better known on the web as is your true source. We carry a full line of residential, commercial and custom boxes for any type of need. Need a pedestal box? How about a cast aluminum box? Brass, antique, vertical and custom boxes are all offered here! We have the widest selection that you will find anywhere, brick and mortar or web based businesses. It doesn't matter, we have it all and our quality can not be beat!

Looking for something specific such as parcel lockers? Check out this excerpt from our site:


U.S.P.S. approved parcel lockers offer tenants a convenient way to receive packages on site and are fit with a two (2) key security system. When the U.S. Postal Service or an individual delivers a parcel to the locker, a parcel locker key is placed in the recipient’s mailbox. Once the recipient opens the parcel locker, the key is automatically retained in the lock until it is removed with a control key.

Pedestal parcel lockers are made of molded polycarbonate and have two (2) 13'' W x 18'' H x 24-1/2'' D compartments. Designed for outdoor applications, the pedestal parcel locker features stainless steel door and lock fittings and can be mounted on the optional aluminum pedestal (#3485) or a base of your choice. ORDER PEDESTAL SEPARATELY.

Wall mounted parcel lockers are equipped with a hinged rear door which allows access from the rear. The one (1) compartment parcel locker (#2270) has a 19-1/2” W x 9-1/4” H door. The two (2) compartment parcel locker (#2272) has (2) 9-3/4” W x 9-1/4” H doors. Wall mounted parcel lockers are designed to be installed between rack ladders (#2200). The rack ladders support five (5) parcel lockers to form a column of parcel lockers.

It doesn't end there. Just enter our site and find out for yourself.